ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

A cool glass of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei not only tastes fantastic, but is also healthy – thanks to the vitamins B12 and folic acid, as well as the polyphenols it contains.

With its isotonic properties , it provides the body directly with valuable ingredients and thus satisfies thirst even faster.

The non-alcoholic drink from Erding is not only a real energizer but also low in calories, with just 125 kcal per 0.5-litre bottle, and made exclusively from natural ingredients.

A varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are important. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei supports this while also tasting fantastically full-bodied and refreshing!

The sporty thirst-quencher.

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

100 ml contain an average of
500 ml
< 0,5 % vol
< 0,5 % vol
Original wort
7,2 °P
7,2 °P
Calorific content
107 kJ / 25 kcal
535 kJ / 125 kcal
< 0,1 g
< 0,1 g
hereof SFA*
< 0,1 g
< 0,1 g
5,3 g
26,5 g
hereof sugar
3,6 g
18 g
0,4 g
2,0 g
< 0,01 g
< 0,06 g
Bread unit
0,45 BE
2,25 BE
Folic acid
20 µg (10% )
100 µg (50% )
Vitamin B12
0,13 µg (5,2% )
0,65 µg (26% )
30 mg
150 mg

Minimal alcoholic content under 0.5% vol. (further information here)


  • Water
  • Wheat malt
  • Barley malt
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Carbon dioxide

Important note for allergy sufferers
Our White beers contain both,
wheat & barley malt.

Why ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is so popular

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is not only a popular refreshment beverage for athletes. In particular, the essential vitamins B9 and B12 contained in ERDINGER Alkoholfrei have numerous positive effects on the human organism.

  • stimulates the immune system
    The positive effects of polyphenols on the immune system were examined by the Technical University of Munich in the world’s largest marathon study “Be-MaGIC”,
  • promotes physical and mental performance
  • protects against overexertion
  • helps preserve normal muscle activity
  • ensures a balanced metabolism
  • has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system

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