Parties, celebrations & events with ERDINGER Weissbier.

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Parties, celebrations & events with ERDINGER Weissbier – something that all ERDINGER fans have in common. That’s why the official ERDINGER Fan Club was founded in 1995 and now boasts members in over 65 countries around the globe. As a Fan Club member you’re simply one of us and can also benefit from numerous interesting benefits. ERDINGER Fan Club membership is free of charge and without any commitment. In order to become a member, you simply have to meet two requirements: you should enjoy drinking ERDINGER Weissbier and be at least 18 years old.

Partner offers

Members can also look forward to attractive offers and regular information from partner companies with whom we cooperate.


Visit us at our ERDINGER Visit us on our ERDINGER Facebook Fan Club fan page. You’ll find all the latest news about the Fan Club here.

10% discount in the Fan Shop

You’ll get a 10% discount on all articles in the ERDINGER Fan Shop. The shop range includes beer steins, accessories and our own fashion collection.

Free brewery tour

Those interested in watching our master brewers at work can join a brewery tour for free after one year of club membership.

Join the club!

All forms for registering as a single member or as a pub club can be filled here.


Single member

You can either download the forms for registering as a single member here or request them via e-mail, fax or post. Then simply send the completed form to us and you’ll receive your membership card.

“Pub club”

Follow the steps below to found a new “pub club”:

  • Download or request the forms for registering a “pub club”
  • Enter your “pub club” name
  • Name at least seven like-minded ERDINGER friends (all at least 18!) stating their full address and date of birth (if anyone is already a single member, please give membership number; registration with two different “pub clubs” is not possible)
  • All “pub club” members sign the form
  • Enter a “pub club” chairperson
  • Attach a group photo of the “pub club’s” founding members
  • Send everything off to the ERDINGER Fan Club

Within just a few days you’ll receive your membership cards, a foundation certificate, an original club pennant and a small welcome gift.

You can download the forms for registering a “pub club” here or request them via e-mail, fax or post.

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