Crystal-clear with an inviting frothy head: this lively wheat beer specialty features fruity-fresh aromas.

With its extra portion of sparkling and energizing carbonic acid, ERDINGER Kristall is especially refreshing! Strong malted wheat notes combine with an elegant hop bouquet to round off the finish.

It gets its shining, crystal-clear appearance from intensive filtration. Those who feel traditional Bavarian wheat beer is a little too cloudy will love the clarity of this top-quality ERDINGER beer.

Sparkling enjoyment.


Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

100 ml contain an average of
5,3 % vol
Original wort
12,5 °P
Calorific content
185 kJ / 44 kcal
< 0,1 g
hereof saturated fatty acids
< 0,1 g
3 g
hereof sugar
< 0,1 g
0,5 g
< 0,01 g
Bread unit
0,27 BE


  • Water
  • Wheat malt
  • Barley malt
  • Hops

Important note for allergy sufferers
Our White beers contain both,
wheat & barley malt.

Food pairing

The sparkling freshness of ERDINGER Kristall goes well with poultry or fish and can also add a spicy aroma to mixed salads. It is especially well suited as an accompaniment to mild cheese assortments.

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